PPD a database of protein ionization constants

PPD  Help Guide

The PPD Help Guide aims to help the user conduct more effective database searches.

The title and identity of each search criteria are outlined here and examples of valid field values given.

Detailed Search

Minimum search requirement : A minimum of one amino acid must be selected, together with one or more of METHOD, PROTEIN and SPECIES..

  1. Select up to four residues of interest from the Amino Acid drop downs. Specify a pKa range, or use default values which cover entire pKa range.

  2. Select required methodology from drop down menu.

  3. Select required protein name from drop down menu.

  4. Select required species from drop down.

  5. The type of results presentation can also be specified, the most detailed results are returned by default.

Main Search

1) AMINO ACID & pKa Alphabetically ordered drop down menu of amino acid residues within PPD. The text input boxes hold the default pKa MIN and MAX values.These should be edited to requirement.Mandatory.


MIN: 3


Selecting ONE of the following three is mandatory.
2) METHOD Alphabetically ordered drop down menu of methodologies within PPD. 1H NMR spectroscopy
3) PROTEIN NAME Alphabetically ordered drop down menu of protein names within PPD. ALPHA-SARCIN
4) SPECIES OF ORIGIN Alphabetically ordered drop down menu of species within PPD. Aspergillus giganteus
5) RESULTS PRESENTATION Two options are available:
  1. Return Amino Acids and their associated Properties. A detailed report of experimental results and conditions.
  2. Default presentation.

  3. Return Proteins which contain the specified Amino Acids. A list showing which protein within the PPD database contains the specified Amino Acid.
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