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AntiJen    a kinetic, thermodynamic and cellular database v2.0 

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  Welcome to the AntiJen Database v2.0.
  AntiJen v2.0, is a database containing quantitative binding data for peptides binding to MHC Ligand, TCR-MHC Complexes, T Cell Epitope, TAP , B Cell Epitope molecules and immunological Protein-Protein interactions.  Most recently, AntiJen has included Peptide Library, Copy Numbers and Diffusion Coefficient data. All entries are from published experimentally determined data. The database currently holds over 24,000 entries. No data in AntiJen is from prediction experiments..  

JenPep1, 2 established a basic system which has now undergone major advancements. AntiJen v2.0 not only contains a wider spectrum of data but also demonstrates superior search capabilities. The expanded and updated AntiJen database currently accommodates data and look-up access for:

  • MHC Ligand molecules and MHC Ligand kinetics,
  • T Cell Epitope, TAP and B Cell Epitope molecules,
  • Protein-Protein interactions and Protein complexes,
  • Peptide Library, Diffusion Coefficient and Copy Numbers data.

Development of sophisticated search mechanics incorporates the flexibility to conduct a very detailed search or a broad search from a single interface. For example,

  • the search engine can accept epitope strings containing variable amino acid positions,
  • specific amino acid alternatives can be requested in any epitope string,
  • an optional filter can be used to target experimental data of interest,
  • delimiting windows can be used to narrow searches further by epitope length or data size.

Other novel search functionality includes:

  • Quick Search, this provides instant cross-category database access;
  • Keyword Search, AntiJen may be searched using keyword input alone .

1 Blythe MJ, Doytchinova IA, Flower DR. JenPep: a database of quantitative functional peptide data for immunology. Bioinformatics 2002 18 434-439
2 McSparron H, Blythe MJ, Zygouri C, Doytchinova IA, Flower DR. JenPep: A Novel Computational Information Resource for Immunobiology and Vaccinology. J Chem Inf Comput Sci. 2003 43:1276-1287.


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